Creative Learning Instruction available as single concept and interdisciplinary lessons in Math, Science, Writing, Reading, Social Studies, Character Development, Classroom Management, Behavior Management.


For use in any educational setting— schools, after school programs, home schools, summer camps, libraries or alternate learning environments.


All lessons align with National and State Standards and are available for levels: Pre-K through 12th Grade.


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Model Instruction Package Details:


45 minute lessons


Up to 5 lessons per day


Collaborative planning with participating teachers prior to Model Instruction


90-minute faculty professional development before Model Instruction


60-minute faculty professional development after Model Instruction


Lesson Plans, Resources, Materials, and Supplies included


Foos travel and accommodations included


Available for all grade & skill levels, individual teachers, school- or district-wide


Select lessons from the Foos Shop or develop custom lesson plans with us




Model Instruction onsite facilitation of lessons offers the opportunity to observe creative learning in a familiar environment.


Connect with us  to book creative learning live in your space.

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