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Sprung from a will to make all the fun parts of learning the whole of our educational experience— whether young or grown— Foos lives to create moments of meaningful daily discovery that raise performance scores and behavior management as afterthoughts.


Producing instructional resources for students and teachers while leading professional development and model instruction on-site for school districts, state programs, institutions and national corporations, Foos for Thought facilitates engaging, effective learning opportunities for people of all ages.


Foos for thought is changing the way we think about learning and go about teaching.

What's a Foos?

After working with Foos on-site as part of National Poetry Month, students at Brownfield Elementary recite “Democracy”  and “Mother to Son” by Langston Hughes as part of Model Instruction for principal, site administration and select faculty. Demonstrating the use of higher order thinking skills in the exploration of a poem, Foos helped students connect Social Studies, English Language Arts, Science and Performing Arts curriculum concepts in preperation for effective recitation of their pieces.


Mother to Son

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