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Elizabeth Foos, Foos for Thought

Elizabeth Foos

A born Creative, Foos has been the driving force behind projects and programs that build community through the arts for decades. Serving as an administrator, educator, facilitator, and consultant in nonprofit, private, and public sectors through the course of her career, she has developed a unique, broad perspective and range of expertise within her Foos brain.

An active collaborator, Foos partners with artists, educators, advocates, and business leaders to develop solutions to challenges through creative programming. Intent on each student experiencing success every instructional day, she facilitates the creation of positive learning climates that allow individuals to thrive through their strengths, contributing to the collective as they are best able. Deliberate and innovative with an eye for the mutually beneficial, Elizabeth Foos is changing the way we think about challenges and go about solutions. 


Contact: efoos@foosforthought.com



Changing the way we think about learning and go about teaching


| Creative Learning climates are a balance of unity and harmony