Copy of Educators


Creative learning engages students as age and ability allow through experience, choice, and connections among concepts. Lessons are challenging and full of happy, busy doing, combined with moments of quiet and pause. Transitions accommodate all learners in spaces that allow everyone to know productive success, trial and error that focuses on personal learning targets.


Student Programs:


STEM Storytelling
ELA + Science + Theater
Follow the design and engineering process to analyze and retell key details of famous stories using improvisational thinking and Legos.


Puppet Friends of Ten
Math + ELA + Theater
Build understanding of number bonds by meeting and creating new friends, then play together building sentences with key details.


Sculpture Matters
Science + Math + Visual Art
Graph different properties of matter, then create fun and colorful sculptures using cause, effect, and calculation.


Historic Soundtracks
Social Studies + Visual Art + Music
Explore important events in history, then develop audio accompaniments to capture the action, details, and influential factors of the moment.


Across the Poetry Universe
ELA + Science + Theater
Analyze and stage works by famous poets to connect the solar system with the writing process before creating new poems that are out of this world.



Professional Development:


2019-2020 Professional Development Workshop Series
August- Community Building and Classroom Systems

Create a learning environment designed for success

September- Science of Learning

Understand Why and How then teach with that in mind

October- Thinking Strategies (Part 1)

Integrate proven methods for developing thought processes

November- Alternative Assessment

Build supplemental tools to ensure equity in evaluation

December- Thinking Strategies (Part 2)

Discover additional effective activities that improve thinking

January- Community Building and Project-Based Learning

Reinforce relationships and systems by creating together

February- Child Development and Disposition

Planning and teaching to accommodate capacity and nature

March- Interdisciplinary Instruction

Collaboration and Teaching across the curriculum

April- Test Prep, Energy Breaks, and Affirmation

Establish and nurture a successful testing campus